Sisterhood Of The World Awards:Sharon Salu



Ok this post is long overdue but abeg manage am laidat.Merry Christmas pumpkins. Jesus is the reason for the season.

First of all a big big thank you to Sharon Salu for nominating me for this award,thank you very much,I am very grateful;words cant express how much this means to me because I have actually been praying to God for someone to nominate me lol. So thank you o for being an instrument of answered prayer,may the good lord grant you your heart desires. By the way Sharon is dope writer,her short stories are epic!
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‘Anyway lets Write’ That’s exactly what I told myself after much self talk that nobody would read this post,since this platform seems almost abandoned. I realize I am to blame too,just not being able to put out valuable content as much as I would love because my life schedule has changed.

You guys have a very special place in my heart that I feel lost when I am not working on providing valuable and helpful content. For instance Sharon Salu nominated me for an award that I have been looking forward to receive for a very long time now. I am supposed to express gratitude by answering the questions asked and tagging other blog friends. I have the post in draft but I never published it because I am always tired whenever I get back home from work and weekends have been filled with one activity or the other. Before I can say Jack,its Monday again and the drill continues. Please help me beg her to forgive me o,I am publishing that post today today.I wish I had special powers that could make the day 30hours so I can fit in every aspect of my life,until that day comes,please take me as I am.
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Lazy bloggers guide to making money

Heaven knows that I have read different articles on magical ways to make money online as a Nigerian blogger,seriously posts like ‘10,000 ways to make money online in Nigeria’. ‘How to make money online’ Say ohon ohon if you have been there,done that before. Well most of them lied,I feel betrayed by the lies being peddled on the streets of the world wide web in Naija. Making money online shouldn’t be rocket science really because everyday people are making money via their blogs. However it is important we separate truth from lies.
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The Mind Connection by Joyce meyer

Hey lovelies,

Three months ago, I got a mail from Hatchette Group Inc, publishers of Joyce Meyer’s Books and other leading Christian Ministers like Creflo Dollar.

In the mail they informed me that Joyce Meyer was going to publish her new book in September and that I had been selected amongst other bloggers internationally to do a review of the book.

Say waaaaaaa? Haha… guys don’t want to know how excited I have been since I got that mail. For the first two weeks,I would just be smiling to myself on the road,if you had seen me,I looked liked a JSS2 girl that Senior Kpangolo just toasted looool. You people know how much I love and admire the woman of God. See my previous review here
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