How Anthonny Robbins Changed My Life


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The first time I heard about Anthony Robbins was in the University. I had just published my first book-‘Unleashing The Giant In You’ and was marketing it seriously to key stkeholders within my University community;while having a conversation with Rev. Laurie Idahosa she asked me if I got the title for my book after reading Tonys book “Awakening The Giant”. Honestly that was the first time I was hearing about the man who had written a bestseller with that title. I told her no but that question made me curious,so I went digging.
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The Virginity Tag post + Book Review: Chastity For Men By Frances Okoro

Frances too gbasky

DISCLAIMER: These are my opinions,you are entitled to yours and I woukd love to hear them.Hahaha
I actually wrote this post 3 months ago,but I never posted it. I was waiting for the right time to publish it. I try to stay off very controversial topics but I had to bare my heart out on this one.So when Frances published her book,and I was going to review it,I felt ok this is the right time to publish it.

I have often wondered why people make a fuss about virginty. Most people have the erroneous belief that once you are a virgin or marry as a virgin you suddenly become a special breed who doesn’t face real life issues like other mere mortals who were not virgins before marriage or that been a virgin means instant passport to heaven.
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creative diva

I am one of those people who could care less about soft drinks. I have just never liked it,I prefer water and it has nothing to do with weight loss,I honestly don’t enjoy taking soft drinks. Fresh juice is another story though I could literally finish a drum of fresh juice by fresh juice i mean real fresh juice o thats not a combination of different concentrates. Theres a particular Nigerian juice Brand I like,in my opinion they make the best ‘fresh juices’. Do you know them guess? guess? I really can’t tell if their juice is all natural but they have stolen my heart for life lol. It looks and taste real,but the snag to it is I can’t take too much of juice because its high in sugar. Oh well this post isn’t about soft drinks or Juices its about Smoothies. Yay!
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