Lazy bloggers guide to making money

Heaven knows that I have read different articles on magical ways to make money online as a Nigerian blogger,seriously posts like ‘10,000 ways to make money online in Nigeria’. ‘How to make money online’ Say ohon ohon if you have been there,done that before. Well most of them lied,I feel betrayed by the lies being peddled on the streets of the world wide web in Naija. Making money online shouldn’t be rocket science really because everyday people are making money via their blogs. However it is important we separate truth from lies.
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The Mind Connection by Joyce meyer

Hey lovelies,

Three months ago, I got a mail from Hatchette Group Inc, publishers of Joyce Meyer’s Books and other leading Christian Ministers like Creflo Dollar.

In the mail they informed me that Joyce Meyer was going to publish her new book in September and that I had been selected amongst other bloggers internationally to do a review of the book.

Say waaaaaaa? Haha… guys don’t want to know how excited I have been since I got that mail. For the first two weeks,I would just be smiling to myself on the road,if you had seen me,I looked liked a JSS2 girl that Senior Kpangolo just toasted looool. You people know how much I love and admire the woman of God. See my previous review here
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How Anthonny Robbins Changed My Life


I originally shared this with subscribers to the blog but later decided to throw it out to the open! See why you should subscribe? hahahah

The first time I heard about Anthony Robbins was in the University. I had just published my first book-‘Unleashing The Giant In You’ and was marketing it seriously to key stkeholders within my University community;while having a conversation with Rev. Laurie Idahosa she asked me if I got the title for my book after reading Tonys book “Awakening The Giant”. Honestly that was the first time I was hearing about the man who had written a bestseller with that title. I told her no but that question made me curious,so I went digging.
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The Virginity Tag post + Book Review: Chastity For Men By Frances Okoro

Frances too gbasky

DISCLAIMER: These are my opinions,you are entitled to yours and I woukd love to hear them.Hahaha
I actually wrote this post 3 months ago,but I never posted it. I was waiting for the right time to publish it. I try to stay off very controversial topics but I had to bare my heart out on this one.So when Frances published her book,and I was going to review it,I felt ok this is the right time to publish it.

I have often wondered why people make a fuss about virginty. Most people have the erroneous belief that once you are a virgin or marry as a virgin you suddenly become a special breed who doesn’t face real life issues like other mere mortals who were not virgins before marriage or that been a virgin means instant passport to heaven.
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